The Cozy Blokes Story

Sometime in February 2018, over the course of one too many late-night brews, we agreed that people just weren’t making the types of fleeces we wanted to wear. The oversized fleeces we wore day in day out were thrift-store treasures and precious hand-me-downs. We joked that the only way to meet our discerning tastes was to make our own fleeces. We sketched a crude logo on Microsoft paint. We stared at each other in search of a name. “We’re just… cozy… blokes” came the response. Just nine months later the joke that was Cozy Blokes has become a reality, and we are making fleeces with all the character of those second-hand wonders we wore that night, and more.

Figure 1: The original brand emerges from that fateful first conversation.

Cozy Blokes started as two messers who shared a sense of style and humour, founded on a cozy, easy-going approach to life. Through hard-work, luck and dedication to a few fundamental principles, we’ve created a uni-sex garment we are proud of, so any one can come and live cozy with us. You don’t have to drink tea or laugh at our stupid jokes, but whatever you do to live cozy, we hope our fleeces set the tone. Welcome to the Cozy Clan.


Our motto is Live Cozy. We believe coziness is more than a fleeting feeling, it’s a lifestyle. For us at CB, it’s comfortable, easy-going satisfaction. It’s doing what makes you feel warm inside and out. Whether that’s curling up in front of Netflix, walking your dog in Dublin Bay, or sharing a drink with friends, we want you to do it in our fleeces. That is true Hibernian hygge.

Sustainability - Made in Dublin

In an industry of fast fashion, low-cost labour and long air miles are the price we pay for cheap, disposable garments produced by the thousand. At CB we are determined to buck this trend. We prefer to produce in small batches using local materials and labour for a more sustainable, accountable, and quality-protected production process. We are one of a tiny number of fashion brands actually making clothes in Dublin. These commitments mean added cost, but in this case, we are happy to sacrifice profit for integrity. Each time you purchase a CB fleece, you’re putting your name to this new approach to fashion sustainability and supporting a truly Irish product.